About AnUrbanGirl


This Photo was shot by Cassandra L. Vincent Photography Studio

Jamya  has been immersed in modeling, acting, pageants since the age of two. Doing modeling and acting jobs for national programs such as “Luster’s Prettiest Little Girl in Town“, Huggies Pampers, HBO’s “The Corner“, “The Wire“, “You’ve Got Mail“, a Discovery channel series “Tuffy The Turtle“, and an non-profit abstinence campaign “Pink” which in later years aired all across the country.

Falling in love with beauty, cosmetics and hair she opted out of attending “The Baltimore School for The Arts” and instead attended a trade high school where she successfully completed and gained a license in cosmetology. Continuing on to college she studied communications knowing she wanted to be spokesperson for beauty. Graduating with a concentration in Public Relations in 2011.

Being introduced to beauty very early in life she was forced to see how this seemingly superficial thing can link to a profound display of a persons true worth and value.

Jamya plans to heal the world through beauty.

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