Should You Keep In Contact With Your EX?

IMG_4279 (1)

Photographer: Cassandra N. Vincent
Model: Jamya Canty

“Miss them all you want, but don’t forget why you left them alone”
I read this meme rolling down my Instagram timeline at 3am. If only we could remember that phrase when we get that random text from an EX.

I thought to myself is it really helpful to keep in contact in with an EX?

Breakups are crushing, heartbreaking and hard! Whether it was mutual or not, breakups change you.
The thought of losing someone you loved can be a serious blow. Not seeing, and talking to someone you thought the world of hurts. But is it necessary to stop all communication with someone to get over them?

According to the HuffPost Article “Here’s why your EX keeps texting you after a breakup” Psychologist Samantha Rodman advises that sometimes they want to be friends again.  However, she suggests that it could be for sexual reasons as well. If it is true that they may want to be friends again, does that deter the break up process? Does having an EX in your life after a breakup keep you stuck in loving them in a romantic way? Do you need an actual end in communication in a break up to actually “Break up”?

Stay Safe
Signed, AnUrbanGirl

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