Emotional Polygamy (Can you be “In Love” with more than 1 person)

Emotional  (e·mo·tion·al) : Having feelings that are easily expressed.

Polygamy (po·lyg·a·my) :  A marriage in which a spouse can have more than one mate at the same time

Emotional Polygamy
In my definition “Loving” more than one person at the same time.

Can this be real?

It was one of Maryland’s biggest blizzards. I was 23, and had gotten stuck at home with the flu.  Like most girls I got caught in a group chat with a few friends. We decided to play 20 questions. I was in the hot seat and said something that I regret as soon as it spilled out. What’s your biggest love secret right now?  It came out like word vomit. I am in love with two different people.

really in love
Image via Lovethispic.com

Could this be true?. I was happy in a relationship, faithful, and in love but I was still in love with someone else. I was no longer in contact with the person. I mean at the time he didn’t even have a social media so he didn’t even exist in girl world.

Up until that point I had never even uttered that to anybody else. It was just something I knew and didn’t question.

But was it right?

As for my boyfriend I meant everything I said to him. But I began to think how different is Love?

(Now to get it straight I am not condoning cheating or polygamous relationships because I never did cheat on my ex. And, I know the sting of infidelity to well to ever condone a “side piece” ).

However, when your “happily” committed does that mean that you consciously erase every feeling of Love that you have ever had?

You can have equal love for your children, parents, friends etc. But with being “In love” it is the opposite.

I thought does still loving someone from your past make you less qualified to be in love with the person your with? And is the saying really true “If you can fall in love with someone new than you were never in love to begin with” ?

in love
Image via facecoverz.com

However, I am constantly bombarded with these questions these days where “side pieces” are so pronounced. Are we as a society moving toward love in a plural stance?

Just to throw it out there can “YOU” ever be in love with more than one person at a time?

I LOVE YOU BEAUTIES and I hope you had an amazing winter,
Talk to you soon!
Signed, AnUrbanGirl


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