No We Ain’t Sober!

Seven valuable lessons learned from being a party girl…..

Me and my friends spent the majority of our twenties being “party girls” or to some “club  hoppers“. We knew what days the best bartenders worked, could slip past security without having to pay and knew the DJ’s playlist by heart. We hopped from club to club, bar to bar carelessly for years. If people wanted to know where to hang they asked us. Those were the most exhilarating, wild, amazing, unexpected times of my life.

Image via a wild random night club hopping

My college years were lit. Sure, a lot of people with a stick caught in their ass would say I wasted time, money and vital parts of my liver but I would say SO WHAT!

I learned so much while on the party scene that made me a little more aware of people and situations.

 Club life is reality on steroids, you learn QUICK!

Image via a wild random night club hopping

So if you don’t have a few years to spare partying or are just to tired to even try I will give you some vital lessons I have learned while being a club hopper.

1. People are full of shit; no really

You are probably reading this like I knew this already. But, I am telling to believe it. This should seriously be like a commandment or something. In club-life, we are usually putting on some kind of facade. You can dress up in the short dress, grind on your girlfriends without judgement in club-life. In real-life “adult-life” at work for example we dress our best, say our please and thank you’s and are generally polite. Most people aren’t like that though “after-hours” We are always putting on one facade or another other depending on what time of the day it is.

2. It pays to be friendly

I will keep this short by saying you never know who you are speaking to or who someone “IS” in that very moment. “Keep it cute”.

3. You are who you are

Listen, people the “right”people are going to vibe with you regardless. If you love to dance in short dresses on the top of tables on Saturday’s DO IT! If you like sitting at the bar and talking to random strangers DO IT! So many people place to much stake in how they are perceived instead of practicing just being comfortable in their own skin.  There is no “right” or “wrong” way to live your life. The only crime is not being yourself!

4. Never just look out for yourself

Life is not all about you, we are all connected. Always be aware of the people around you, if your friend is struggling with something help them. If there is a project that needs to be done at work, help. Create some good karma, by looking out for other people.

 5. Always make it home, the way you came

One bragging card that I can seriously pull is that I always made it home safe and unharmed. I may have been hungover but I was home. I kept this mindset, no matter how bad my day went when I got “home” I was grateful. Grateful and at peace knowing I made it through something tough but I got through it and I celebrate it. I never bring an ugly mindset from “the day” into my personal space. I maybe wounded, but i’m still standing.

6. Life goes on day after day no matter how bad you feel

Look, I had to learn this the hard way. No matter if you are hungover on a Sunday night, or your boyfriend broke up with you on a Wednesday day morning,or your unemployment benefits are getting ready to phase out. Life continues to move, and you have to continue to move with it. Real-life does not care about your personal problems most of the time and you have to learn to power through.

7. Life is a game; play it

You have to learn to stop and have fun. Laugh at least everyday. Life is not slowing down, days turn into years and years can turn into regret. There are never any “perfect” circumstances and when something is going right most times something else will be going wrong. You have to learn to embrace it because it all turns out in your favor eventually. Sure I may shed a tear when I fix the tail light on my car then my tire goes flat. But I take a shot or two and then I laugh, that’s life.

Image via a wild random night club hopping

Have Fun Loves we are living our best days!



  1. You should have wrote don’t accuse your boyfriend of cheating when your out drunk and he’s not answering his phone only to find out that he left it at a bar then you drive to that bar to get his phone and still find a reason to beef with him Lls. Nice read tho

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