When The Wrong Relationship Holds You Hostage

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When we are young we are taught to watch out for “strangers”. You know people who we don’t know who are unlike us who might come around to take us hostage or inflict some type of pain on us. But as we grow older, wiser and more aware of the world the less we seem to be on look out for these “strange people”.

We seem to throw away the notion of strangers believing that we can defend ourselves against anyone who comes to try and hold us hostage or inflict pain on us. However, no one seems to inform us that as we grow up  “strangers” still exist and never stop seeking us. When the reality is, as adults we should always be on the look out for strangers because the older we get the more swift and sly their tactics become.
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Granted for all intensive purposes I am not talking about predators, serial killers, or anything like that. In this article I am talking about strange people you meet in your adult life who mean you no good, and who are unlike you. They dress themselves up in familiar clothing like love, and seemingly stable relationships. All the while snatching you from a sense of security, confidence, stability, dreams, goals, and most importantly your sense of happiness.

We all encounter a situation with a stranger at some point in life. Mine slid into my life at the age of 21 and help me hostage for 6 years. My stranger was suave, had a great personality and was fine. Sweeping me away from my reality into his own.

 Being in the wrong relationship will hold you hostage from your happiness.

A “stranger” skilled in their craft will snatch you out of your element before you can blink. Blinding your vision with their so-called version of love. The positive things that once mattered before begin to disappear and are instead replaced with more and more negative versions of them and the relationship. Literally, pieces of “your”-self will begin to disappear and you will begin to look, feel, and act like someone different. Trust me, we become more like the people we surround ourselves with than we realize.

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Not by choice though, and almost always never by your intent. In a previous post I wrote about “Frienemies” being bad for your life, However having a mate (who is not your kind) is even more fatal. They will envy every single thing that makes you unique. Because, the crazy thing is your uniqueness is what attracted them to you and if they can dim that they can eventually move on feeling validated. It is a never ending battle to be yourself with strangers because your individuality drives them crazy.

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In reality, falling in love should never bring a lack it should bring more of what you already are. I kno the saying that goes “opposites attract” and I believe it. Sure, positive magnets attracts negative ones but that should be where it stops.The truth is the person for you will have a similar heart that will simultaneously beat around the same things as yours and will bring out more love and happiness than you could have brought on your own.

Be Safe, and Stay Away From Strangers
Happy New Year

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