The Quarter-Life Crisis of Moving on…….

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I once read a quote that said if you aren’t losing people you aren’t growing.
As I began to think on that thought I realized that losing people and situations not only helps you grow but it moves you on to the next stage of life.

Losing everything makes you who are.

When growing up we are shrouded in a circle of friends, family, teachers, classmates, co-workers, activities,and obligations. Every second of everyday somebody or something is telling and defining who you are for you. The constant chatter of someone else’s drama and life experiences drowns out your own. We stay and keep people and experiences in our lives because somewhere along the line we were taught that is “the right thing”. It is not till we are stripped bare that we begin to hear our own voice and understand ourselves.

Becoming too attached to a certain way of life can block the lessons that are meant to be learned.

It took these last four rough years of life post-grad, four shitty jobs, a loss of almost all of my core friend group, and two emotionally taxing relationships later to realize that the only “right thing to do” was hit the reset button and move on.

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It takes peeling back the layers, rubbing off the makeup, and a removing of the shades moment to discover a better, brighter more beautiful version of yourself. Despite the fear, shame, and disappointment of others.

What I discovered is that life is nothing but a constant act of pressing the  reset button. Moving on then becomes a time in which to check in, edit, improve and create a better version of yourself and surroundings. We must never stop moving on and never stop changing.



Happy Holidays Beauties
Signed, AnUrbanGirl


  1. Well put! I think the fear of the pain that comes along with moving on and leaving the people, places and things of right now behind in favor of the unknown that comes with reaching for that next stage in your life is what births the hesitation to actually push that reset button.

    I say… Just like the best blades are forged from metal fabricated in the hottest of fires, so too is the best version of your self molded from the flames of the pains that come from leaving a familiar & comfortable existence in search of that next stage of you …

    You Rock AnUrbanGirl!

    NoOne & EveryOne

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