Strength In The Struggle

Frederick Douglas once said ….
“Without a struggle there can be no progress”.

Nobody likes to struggle. Struggles are heartbreaking ,draining ,embarrassing, compromising,and painful. However, struggles are a necessary part of life. They are designed to build you up not break you down.

The struggle is nothing but a bridge leading to the path of becoming who you are meant to be.

I tremble with anger when I hear people give advice to someone who is sad or angry. Telling them to change their emotions to “cheer up” or to “snap out of it”. True, at some point we do need to “snap” our emotions back out of a negative state. However, being sad, angry, and fed-up is beneficial for growth. If I never struggled from paycheck to paycheck I would have never  had the sense to pursue higher incomes. If i never struggled through an unhealthy relationship I would have never left. If I never struggled in my environment I would have never had the courage to fight for a new one.

We must not run away from life struggles we must run into them BOLDLY.

Every time you  quit on strengthening yourself in the midst of your struggle you are basically building the muscle to quit every time life throws you a curveball. In the struggle you will find the strength and purpose to endure and excel throughout life. Knowing that, that anger and sadness is purposeful and it is building you up for what is next.

Like getting back in shape after being out of shape for a long time. In the beginning the body is sore, and tired. You look foolish, after awhile you get fustrated that the results arent showing up fast. But the more you go through the workouts the more you push through the soreness, the more obessive you become about becoming healther the stronger you start to become.

Become strong through your struggle. USE IT as a catalyst to push you to your best self. There is strength in a struggle you just have to take off your shades to see it.  

Have a great week
BmorePRgirl 😊



  1. I love it!! This is one of my favorite quotes. I’ve had it under my Facebook profile since I signed up. Great advice, Mya!!:)

  2. I love the inspiration behind the message! I will share this message to strenghten others. And I agree with the message. You must struggle to become stronger and wiser!

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