Nature’s Secret Arsenal Round Three: Tea Tree Oil

It seems like nature is skipping over spring and heading right into summer. No need to worry though because in this series “Nature’s Arsenal” I will supply you all with a summer treat that will preserve your beauty even in the heat. Nature supplies us with a cool summery treat that comes in the form of Tea Tree Oil.

Photo via The Body Shop

Tea Tree oil is a concentrated plant oil from the leaves of a tree native to Australian coastal areas. The tree is known as Melaleuca alternifolia (or tea tree) and is a member of the myrtle family. The oil is distilled into the air through a steam process and used on the skin as an herbal remedy.

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Tea Tree Oil is used a natural antiseptic and fights germs. Although it cannot and should not be eaten it proven effective for

.Cuts & Abrasions
.Insect Bites

Tea Tree Oil can also be added to vaporizers and bath water to treat coughs, and  bronchial congestion.

Skin & Hair
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Tea Tree Oil disinfects pores and dries out pimples

This stuff works wonders for acne because of its ability to break down blockages between the skin and sebaceous glands (sweat glands).

Tea Tree Oil deep cleans the hair and scalp

Tea Tree oil contains moisturizing properties that helps treat dandruff and dry scalp. The oil deep cleans hair working to get rid of dirt. Tea Tree oil also has a refreshing scent which I absolutely adore during the summer months.

So by now you are probably wondering where to get this invaluable product and how to use it.

Tea Tree Oil when in its original form is very strong and should be diluted before use. There are plenty brands that already do this like The Body Shop, and Lush. My personal fave hair treatment that I have used for about ten years now is Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Oil shampoo . This stuff works wonders for my hair during the summer months.

Stay Cool and Cute this summer by going to grab some Tea Tree Oil.







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