The difference between Day make-up and Night Make-up and the Technology that will help you.

There is a BIG misconception going around that makeup has to be bold, multi-colored and overdone. This NEEDS to die. I wear makeup all the time and people dont even know. They always say “You have a glow”, I tell them “Hunny  it is a bronzer”.

A lot of women wear makeup and only pros can tell. People who are adverse to makeup typically think of a “Night Time look”. But there is a distinct difference between a “Day” and a “Night” look.

Some people will say “Well makeup is makeup”, and a person like me will look at them and gasp. Just like a woman should have a different outfit for a different occasion, those who wear makeup should have the same. One wouldnt wear a bodycon dress to a job interview, well, unless they were working at a night club. But lets not get off topic here.

There is a time and I will say “face” for everything.

So you ask what are the differences between Day Makeup and Night Makeup?
Well, that is why I’m here silly.

Day Makeup: Day make up is what it says it is “Day”. It is meant to enhance the face to look fresh and bright. The makeup is light, mainly because it is on for long periods of time. Typically used when going to work or to run errands.  It highlights cheekbones and brightens eyes giving the face  a “fresh glow”. Colors like pinks, peaches, browns, and gold work well.

Apply eye liner lightly around the eyes to make them appear bigger and brighter, but not too much. The “cat eye” typically doesn’t work well because it will start to crease.

Night Makeup: Night Makeup is more dramatic. It can transform  the face if you want it to. You can “Vamp” yourself up, “Seduce” yourself out, or show how creative you can get with different color palettes and blending.

At Night, Makeup has to be applied in thicker amounts because it is darker and there is little to no light. I love red at night. Typically, unless you work at night the makeup will be on for a shorter amount of time and won’t fade.

Thank God for Technology!
A few years ago picking out makeup was a guessing game. Now I can quickly download an app to take the guess work out of it and help save me money and time. Two things I can never have enough of.

I have hooked you all up with some cool apps that have helped me with my day and night looks before stepping in a store or clicking on a website.

Beauty Mark
bday pic
Image From

Beauty Mark is my fav. This app gives the user the options of different types of makeup styles. Once the user clicks on one it takes you through skin tone, and mixes and matches lip colors, eye shadows, blushes etc. Once you have a look together that you love you can click on “How to” videos and figure out how to apply the technique yourself.

bday pic
Image from

Glamzy is another fav of mine. This  app is a one stop shop, not only can you create a look but you can find out what brands like M.A.C, Make Up Forever, and YvesSaintLaurent to purchase to fit the look you created. They also show what kinds and types of makeup brushes to use.

I hope you all found this helpful

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