Everyone Won’t Accept Your Version of Pretty

“The secret to beauty is simple, be who you are”- Bobbi Brown

I never learned to ride a bike or swim. I learned how to win pageants. By the time I finished third grade I knew how to correctly apply make-up, maintain a hair-do, and how to win people over with charm and wit in a speech. I didnt know if that was right or wrong, I just knew I loved it. From that age I had “grown-ups” telling me how wrong I was. That wearing lip gloss, blush and Shirley temple curls meant that I would have low self confidence when I got older.

As I got older, I fell in love with the beauty industry more and more. I realized how wrong they were, people would say “you dont have to wear make-up and stuff your pretty you know” , my reply would always be “I kno”. I never felt cocky I just always felt like I was being myself.

Later on in my life I watched those same people fall in love with what I had at 9 years old. I hear woman say all the time “If your hair is fake, and you have on make-up a man will only love that view” but my response will always be “why you would you allow yourself to fall for somebody that shallow?” Do what you love, dress and change your appearance as much as
you want if that is what you love.

However,if you are doing all of this to gain someone’s attention outside of your self than you my dear have already lost the battle. Be who you are the right person will love you from the inside out. Never change the person inside, stick by yourself and become a beauty warrior.

What is your definition of true Beauty?


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